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888soccertips.com is a marketplace for professional soccer betting tips that also offers 888Soccertips Services.” We offer our members information and applications that help them trade successfully in both In-Play and Pre-Match.

Our Vision: We are a professional soccer betting tips marketplace that endeavors to provide punters accurate betting tips for various sports to help them get assured wins irrespective of the outcome of the game.

Sports trading is different from straight betting because it offers an opportunity to the bettor to close out a bet at any stage he/she desires. In other words, it offers the bettors more control on their bets. Sports trading is similar to stock trading. The only difference is that while in stock trading you buy and sell shares of the company, in sports trading you buy and sell bets. Also in stock trading, the trader “buys low and sells high” while in sports trading the traders “lay low and back high.” This way profit is assured irrespective of the result.

888soccertips.com offers a platform for bettors from all across the globe to trade their bets. Being a professional soccer betting tips marketplace gathers real-time data from many sports events. It ensures that winners get paid, and losers pay for the bet. Betting with us ensures that you place back and lay bets. Since this is done multiple times, there is a guaranteed profit irrespective of the outcome of the game.

888soccertips.com is essentially a sports trading community with full-time professional traders and traders who are pursuing sports trading as a hobby. We are a dynamic community that is continually working to improve its services. We are looking to develop new strategies and applications to offer better services to punters.

Sports Betting Services We Offer:

Value Betting

Value betting implies placing a back or lay bet on something that you think the odds are of good value. With the help of our best tipster services, we provide you information on live scores, live odds, and tips to lay your bet easily.


Scalping is trading small price movements. It is best to use this technique when there is less volatility.


Swing trading is used when there are larger changes. In other words, it is ideal for more volatile markets. Swing trading has many risks associated with it and can result in losses. Therefore, it is important to make a careful assessment before entering into it. With the help of the professional soccer betting tips offered by 888soccertips.com, you can take a calculated risk for swing trading.

Sports Trading Community

The 888Soccertips Sports trading community offers a host of benefits to bettors. It opens up communication and eliminates boundaries amongst bettors, forging a strong bond as industry players altogether.

Share advanced charts, and trading ladders help other bettors. 888Soccertips also provides real-time odds and one-click betting for you to accomplish your goals.

Bring in more members and friends, and get rewarded doing so. By joining our affiliate program, you can make money at the side as your side hustle. Earn up to 13% by introducing new members to our community!

888soccertips.com offers bettors accurate tips that are based on statistical data. We have a team of trading experts who provide you with the best betting tips that help you trade in a variety of sports. We are an international community of traders who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this field.